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On may 4th 2015, Junior released his first Independent (Grassroots) Album under the title, 'Redeeming Quality'.


"The Album is to highlight and celebrate our similarities as a species... The purpose was to connect with the one things we all share... Despite our background, we all experience the same emotions."

Hi Junior,
Had the opportunity to listen to your album on sound cloud earlier this afternoon..


"Homecoming," "Forgiven," and "Highroad" are some of my favorites. It's rare that I keep listening to a song that doesn't grab me right away.

I'm only happy I broke that rule today and listened to the entire playlist. What I thought I didn't like I later went back to give another try and found that even those tunes had grown on me. Each song took me on a journey of one kind or another. "Forgiven" was super sad, and moved me to tears. I hate when that happens, and yet it always speaks volumes for the music and its message.

Anyway, thanks again, Junior, for the work you do, the music you make and the way it moves on the heart, mind and soul. 

Much appreciated.
Great Good Fortune,
Nancy ~

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