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Junior Coggins

Accomplished Graphic Designer, Animator, Director, Video Editor, Musician, and Writer, Junior Coggins is on a lifelong mission to inspire his viewers through the power of visual storytelling. With over twenty years of exceptional experience in Film, Print, and Video advertisement, he has proven himself in the business of providing original and engaging content.

His creative mind and strong visual imagination is brought to life in his design and marketing materials from banners, business cards, brochures, logo, photo restoration, retouching and manipulation, product packaging, and Electronic Press Kits. His passion for creating goes beyond transforming things on the computer; he also inspires people’s minds daily with his work. What makes his work unique is that the intersection of technology and art is skillfully and meticulously balanced.

Junior is epitomized by creative thinking, brilliant intuition, and a good eye for details. Accustomed to using innovative techniques in filmmaking, animating, music and video editing, he delivers long-lasting visual experiences that delight and inform the world.

An evolving talent in his field, Junior is the Winner of the 2006 Gibbs Focus Forward Award for Best Music Video and as well Winner of the Judge’s Choice Award. Also, he was nominated Best Director at the 2nd Astoria Screening Festival. In addition to his many accomplishments, Junior is the Creator of the “Money” stock image on that currently has over 110,000 downloads.

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